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JRCALC 2024 January Updates (Part 1 Of 3)

26 Jan 2024

Make sure you are up to date with all the new JRCLAC updates! You can view these new updates in more detail on the JRCALC app.

By making sure you are aware of the new updates enables you to deliver up to date clinical practice and stay within your scope of practice.

The changes in the JRCALC 2024 January update are:

New layout and revision for Syntometrine.

New layout and revision for Misoprostol.

New indication added to Hydrocortisone – Can now be considered in post ROSC that may have arrested due to adrenal crisis.

New wording added on Medicines Overview guidelines – The six rights and double checks of medicines administration guide.

Additional information added to Rectal Diazepam medication section.